System command and control of the board utilities. Reading levels, tensions and alarms.

The automation system and control alarms "EwAS" (Electrowave Automation System), allows you to check the activation status of the utilities on board, to manage them remotely via mobile devices such as Tablet and Smartphone Android Os, and to monitor alarms and levels.
The modular system composed by reading cards configurable, allows the interfacing of the system to any type of existing system on board.

Possibility to control users with active graphics and customizable*
*The cost of the programming can change according to the demands of graphical changes

Nomenclature of hot keys, customizable by the end user
Priority handling of real-time alerts with customizable nomenclature. In case of the alarm the system will switch on the relevant page.

The system is also able to provide the main data of a navigation aid, such as the coordinates, speed and direction in real time, by exploiting the sensors present in the device